What do I get when I buy a Ribbon Writer printer?
How do the printers operate?

The Ribbon Writer connects to your PC or Laptop & is ideal to run from your home, shop or office environment & even on the move at Wedding or Craft Fairs.  Our software has been specially developed by us to use on your PC (will also run on a MAC via Boot Camp software pre-installed on your Mac.  You will need a version of Windows to install once Boot Camp is run).  Diamond Design software is easy to use, allowing you to quickly design & print ribbon projects.  You will be able to print text using the True type fonts available on your PC, as well as just about any clipart images.

Other Ribbon Printer systems often require you to design in other formats & then import your work for printing.  Whilst this is still an option, our bespoke software gives you all the design capabilities to create within the package, allowing you greater flexibility & choice.  Diamond Design 2.0 is a user friendly, intuitive printing program, that even the novice computer user will be able to use.

Can we buy our supplies for the Ribbon Writer elsewhere?

There are other ribbons available that work with the printers, however, we will only guarantee printed results based on our ribbon & foils (using foils, other than the ones we supply, will invalidate your Ribbon Writers’ guarantee).  Our foil & ribbon prices are competitive & we endeavour to hold stock of everything, always.  If something is out of stock, we assure you it’s on the way.  We understand the importance of ensuring good supply.  The quality & batch colours of our ribbon & foils will match every time, giving you superb results & consistency at good value for money.  We know that our products produce the best results.

How do I load the Software & use Ribbon Writer?

Our software has been specially developed to be quick and easy to install onto your PC, follow the printed instructions that come with your printer.  Even the most basic PC user should have no trouble getting to grips with the system.  There are also tutorial videos on this website, which will guide you step by step.

Technical Support?

Somebody will be on hand to help you out with any technical issues you might have.  Sometimes we cannot deal with them over the phone & we might need to arrange remote access to your computer, but most issues can be quickly & easily fixed over the phone.  We endeavour to resolve your problems as soon as we can to make sure that you are up and running as soon as possible.

What makes Ribbon Writer ribbon, better for printing?

Not all ribbon is created equal.  Cheap “China Mall” satins are normally thin and papery, or have fat, loose weaves and are over waxed to compensate.  All these factors will influence the quality of the product you produce.  From experience we know that our ribbons print well through the ribbon printer & give good, clear, crisp quality results each time.  Excellent colour match from batch to batch ensures consistency for longer runs you may have to produce.  We take great care in sourcing our ribbons to make sure we are giving you the best quality & value. We are happy to supply in small quantities of just one roll of ribbon at a time, at the same competitive prices, with no minimum quantities required.  

What happens if my Ribbon Writer breaks down?

There are some simple maintenance tasks that should be performed regularly on your printer.  There are often simple explanations & fixes for most issues, check out our trouble shooter.  In the unlikely event of you not being able to sort the issue out yourself, we will have the printer collected from you, so we can look at it for any repairs that might be needed.  This will be free of charge during the first year, provided that the problem has not been caused by using foreign foils or sub-standard ribbon as this will void your 1-year guarantee.  Click here to view our full guarantee terms & conditions.

If we are new to ribbon printing how can you help us out?

Ribbon Writer has been brought to South Africa by Paper Packaging Place.  We have over 27 years experience in the printing and packaging industry.  Marketing ideas, print & graphic tips, will be shared regulary on our blog.  We also have the Ribbon Writer’s Club, where the area & contact details of all our Ribbon Writer owners is advertised.  The purpose of this is firstly, to help those considering buying a printer so they can see who in their area or industry already has one.  We do not guarentee exclusivity in any area or industry.  This is also where potential customers can find someone to help them, in their area, which is also free advertising for our customers.

What is the guarantee on the printers?

Your Ribbon Writer printer has a 1-year limited guarantee.  In the event of a breakdown, we will have the printer collected from you, so we can look at it for any repairs that might be needed.  This will be free of charge during the first year, provided that the problem has not been caused by using foreign foils or sub-standard ribbon, as this will invalidate your 1-year guarantee.  Click on the links at the bottom of the page to see our full guarantee, terms & conditions.

What is the next stage?

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