the start-up…

The Ribbon Writer is perfect for someone looking to make good money working their own hours from home.  The only extras you need are a laptop, wi-fi, your consumables, foils & ribbon.  If you know people, you already have customers. 

Custom printed ribbon is normally only accessible to those who are willing to buy large quantities, now you can print custom ribbon, in small rolls for family & friends, for example; Happy Easter from The Robinsons…  Merry Christmas from the Scott Family… Happy Birthday with love from Amy…  

Another idea is if you or family have kids at school, you can print school clothing labels on iron-on ribbon tape, using washable foil.  There is fantastic profit to be made doing this.

Advertise on your local Facebook group that you print ribbon & sashes.  Custom printed sashes are big business.  Hen parties, kitchen teas, baby showers, special birthdays, local sporting events, pageants… I’m sure you can think of more.

Contact your local florist, party shop, crafters market, stationer or bakery & ask if they would allow you to leave some flyers & a poster in their store.  Negotiate to pay them a percentage of the value of any orders you get from them.  Alternatively, you could leave them with sample books & they can offer your product to their customers & you supply directly to them.  

There really is no end to the opportunities this wonderful product presents.   

 the going concern…

There are a lot of businesses that would benefit from the Ribbon Writer, such as;

  • Wedding suppliers & Planners
  • PR & Event coordinators
  • Florists & hamper suppliers
  • Promotional & corporate gifting companies
  • Funeral homes
  • Gift & craft shops
  • Boutique patisserie, confectioners & delicatessens
  • Sewing & embroidery shops
  • Bath & body product stores
  • and the list goes on…

Sell & sell up – use your Ribbon Writer to increase profits, give added value to your products, personalise your own goods & offer your customers personalised products.

Make money from the sale of printed ribbon, lanyards & sashes to almost any business, for general, seasonal & promotional use.  The beauty of the Ribbon Writer is that producing your product is simple & quick, allowing you to meet those short deadlines. 

You can now offer something your competitors cannot – a personalised product!

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